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  Mysis relicta
Capture Mysis relicta in Gaulosen close to Trondheim in 1984

In the spring 1984 members of Trondheim Akvarieklubb was going to
Gaulosen to capture Mysis relicta.
Mysis relicta is crawl along the bottom; others creep among vegetation. Certain species swim in the open water, occasionally forming swarms consisting of great numbers of individuals. The freshwater species Mysis relicta, which is common in cold lakes of North America, Great Britain, and northern Europe, is an important food for fishes.
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1984©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther 

We know about a place in Gaulosen how have a very rich population of Mysis relicta and we went often to capture them in these years. This was brackish water with fishes so it was a big dangerous to also catch parasites in to this waters. That’s why we have to freeze all the Mysis relicta we got before we could give it to our fishes.
Mysis relicta have a very high nutrient factor for aquarium fishes about 17 % dry protein. Big fishes like cichlids love this food. Mysis relicta are cannibals and it is very wise to sorting them before you transporting them to your home, else the bigger eat the smaller. I hope you enjoy this slideshow about catching Mysis relicta in Trondheim

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