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I am starting whit this funny photo of the fishing cat from landsmøte i NAF 1973.

1973©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther
I begin to shoot films/photos in aquarium in 1969/70. But I want Dias pictures of my fishes so I was buying a Miranda camera in 1970 and with this I was shooting many thousands pictures in aquarium and else in the nature. This camera I  still have, but it malfunctions about 1994/95 when I was trying to shoot some pictures of my discus breeding, unfortunately I get only some pictures of my discus breeding because of that.    
In 2006 I was buying a digital Canon 300D witch I still using today. To shoot digital picture is like haven compare too film/Dias I was doing for about 24 year. To shoot digital pictures is much easier and you can see the result at once, with Dias it could take 14 days and it become much more expensive. That why I have to use black and white photo this was much more cheaper.I processing the black and white film by myself and I was able to see fast the result 
But with digital photo is much faster to see the finish picture. In this way when you shooting and looking on the finish picture you learn much faster to shoot better pictures and you can shoot so many pictures you have memory card. After beginning to shoot pictures in aquarium again in 2006 I have shoot more than 30000 pictures in aquarium. The quality of the digital picture is much better than the picture I have from the old colour film. Today the new colour films is of much better quality then films I was using from 1969 to 1997. But the digital picture is best and much easier to edit in software.


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