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My aquarium friends;

1978©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther 
Since 1966 I often have seen nice people who also have interest of aquarium. Always I have with me the camera when I was visiting them  and shoot pictures in there aquariums. I don’t remember where I was shooting the picture of the Pantodon buchholzi, but I remember it was very impressive to see in a friends aquarium in 1978.

Ivar Arstad; 
Was in 1982 the second to breed Discus in Trondheim after Alf Julius Næss how was first to breed Discus inTrondheim and Norway in 1957. I had very much contact with Ivar from 1981 to 1997. He died to early in 1999 and it was hard to lose so good aquarium friend.

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