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My aquarium career; 
In 1997 I was ending my work with aquarium after 31 years and I was sure I never will start with the hobby again. But in 2005 my wife begins to ask for an aquarium in the living room, so in the beginning of 2006 a 325 liter was on spot in the living room again.

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From 1966 to 1997 I was breeding many spices and building four rooms for aquariums. But I was also involved in the local aquarium clubs from 1972 - 1984, like Trondheim Akvarieklubb, Trondheim Ciklideklubb and Trondheim Akvarieselskap. I was starting Trondheim Ciklideklubb and Trondheim Akvarieselskap. I also work as editor of Trondheim Akvarieklubb’s magazine, Vannbladet from 1975 – 1977 and 1980 – 1983. I was using the most of my leisure time on these activities and often it was not time to work with my aquariums. So in the beginning of 1985 I was tierd of this and end my time of these activities. I want to work with the hobby and my aquariums in all my leisure time. I was very comfortable with the decision and I will never involve me like I was doing again in the local aquarium clubs. It take to much time and gives very little back to yourself. I have done my service to them. 

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