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  Discus before 1997
My first experience with discus in 1971
My first experience with the discus fish I got 40 year ago. I was lucky to buy four brown 5 cm discus of the original strain of Alf Julius Næss the famous Norwegian breeder and owner of former Tropica in Trondheim. This was quality discus and grows from 5 – 13 cm in less than 1 year.
1972©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther
He was buying his first 4 brown discuses from Aquarium Hamburg in 1956. In December 1957 the couple was laying egg for the first time. Two year later he writes that the couple now has given him youngster of discus 37 times. Næss was the first how breeding discus in Norway and the first how exporting the most of his discus to Germany.
In this to pictures we see may be some of the last discus from the discus strain of Næss. I was told that when I buy them in 1971. This was quality discus and grows from 5 – 13 cm in less than 1 year. The first picture shows a male and the last a female.
1972©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther
1972©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther

My second experience with discus I got 2 - 3 year later;
I was buying news of some small Asian discus how was red. But in fact it was brown discus which we were seeing some month later when the entire red color was gone. Cheating like this with discus from Asia in this year’s was very common and live none trust for this type of discus for the customer.
After this I always avoid Asian discus for many years and was first get new experience with them in 2006 when I was going back to the hobby after a break of 10 years. After teach more about this new Asian TechnoDiscus in my aquariums, I got much more bad experience with the Asian Discus.  This type of discus I never will see or having in my aquariums again. But I will tell more about this later.
1974©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther

My third experience with discus I got in 1981
It was first in 1981 I begin to look for the possibility to breeding Discus, but I had none success with this
1981©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther
1981©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther
Always the eggs turned white and get mold fungus. I get very frustrated and don’t know what to do, I was sure the water was okay. But I used to small aquarium only 120 liters and with not good peat filtration. I try also osmotic water change without success. What was I doing wrong?  
I think the quality of the water was not so good; I have not the knowledge about water quality for breeding discus at this time. I was trying what I have read in germen and Danish books and articles about water quality. At that moment I know nothing about the water quality Alf Julius Næss had in his success to breeding discus from 1957 – 1971.  

My fourth experience with discus I got in 1989
I had none success with breeding discus before 1989 when my brown Discus spawned and get youngster in my aquarium in the living room. But this aquarium was full of other fishes and it was not possible to breeding them in this aquarium with great success. Only some survival, they was breeding them self. I was occupied with marring my first wife and it was not time for aquarium and Discus. 
1981©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther
My fifth experience with discus I got in 1993
So in 1993 I got some discus and start to planning breeding Discus and this time with great success from early January 1994.

 1995©Bjørn Johan Kirksæther

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